Child Nutrition has 2 exciting announcements for parents and students. 

We found out last Wednesday evening that we will be feeding our students for free for the remainder of the school year. The USDA has received enough funding to continue the free meal program we were told. 

Also, we applied for the FFVP (Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program)we were approved for  a grant of $11, 838.48 to spend on fresh fruits and vegetables for all of the elementary kids in grades PK-8th grade. 2 days a week the students in elementary will be served a fresh fruit or vegetable snack around 1:30 pm in their classrooms. It will be a different type each time to allow students to explore the different types of fresh fruit and vegetables  that are available. If your child has any food allergies that this will affect please contact the school and let us know. 

We are excited about both of these items and hope that our students and parents are as well.